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29 January 2010

KPAM Radio Interview about Security Procedures and the Role of Air Marshals

Dr. Curtis was interviewed by KPAM radio in Portland, Oregon where he discussed three recent security events, including two situations where the behavior of unruly passengers led to the military escorting the airliners with fighter jets. Dr. Curtis also discusses several issues around the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas day 2009, including the role of air marshals. The following interview was first aired on 23 January 2010.

Listen to the interview

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  1. Our Airline Passenger Management System (APMS) would provide an extra layer of protection during flight. In the case of NWA 253,our APMS would have alerted the authorities when the alleged terrorist was in the rest room an inordinately long time probably because he was assembling or preparing the explosive for demolition. We would be glad to appear on your radio program to fully explain the operational characteristics of our APMS. Nick Naclerio, or via