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28 December 2009

BBC Interview About Attempted Bombing of Northwest Flight 253

As the investigation into the unsuccessful bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253 enters its early stages, there are already several security issues that are being discussed by the media, including short term security measures and issues with US government terrorist databases.

Listen to the interview


  1. We all want to be travel in comfort and safety however; there are a few people in this world who believe bringing an airline down is a fashion statement to their cause. The level of security at airports around the world is the comfort catalyst for all passengers & flight crew giving an endorsement to their well being prior to boarding. To restrict passengers further by limiting their movements one hour prior to landing will cause additional stress to passengers as this is the time passengers visit the bathroom, fill up landing cards and custom declaration forms etc to minimise time at immigration or to catch and onward internal flight or simply prepare for another international flight . I travel long-haul flights regularly from Uk to Asia and the connection times are usually short.
    Therefore, I personally would prefer additional security checks at the start of my journey plus a tightening of government protocols on visa applications as well as better communications between “terrorist watch list “authorities.

  2. Where the passenger security measures is? No passenger body search?