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16 October 2009

How Uses Social Media to Better Serve Its Audience and Why You or Your Organization Should Too

The January 2009 ditching on the Hudson River showed how important social media was as a source of news and information, and it also showed how freely available social media resources can sometimes allow an individual to be as influential as the largest news media organization. This show provides a general definition of social media and then provides specific examples of how it was used by to expand the site's audience and to enhance the usefulness of the site's information.

This episode of the Conversation at is based on a presentation Dr. Todd Curtis gave at the 2009 Bird Strike North America Conference in Victoria, Canada. The original audience was full of aviation safety professionals and wildlife biologists, but the subject of the presentation was relevant to any organization trying to figure out how to use social media more effectively.

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The Evolution of Social Media's Role at (7:02)

The role of social media in aviation safety community was previously covered in this site, as well as at the site

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