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22 October 2009

Want to Improve - Fill Out This Month's Survey and Tell Us How

Welcome to's October 2009 survey. We've made several changes over the last few months, and we want to get your feedback about your experience with and the podcasts, blogs, web sites, or other resources associated with

Please answer one or more questions. We'll provide a summary of the results next month.


  1. Maybe it is a good idea to have two sites, one for deep technical issues and discussions and one for more laymen and inetrested public.

  2. Truthfully...I wouldn't change a thing!

  3. Up to date info....good analysis.

  4. Ack, there's one suggestion I completely forgot to post when I was taking the survey! Dr. Curtis, I once e-mailed you to ask about the safety of particular _airports_, and you gave me a very interesting answer about the one in which I was most interested (Newark, NJ). How about adding airport ratings, based on which airport a downed plane came out of, and to which airport it was on its way? Or maybe just accidents that actually take place on the grounds of (or very near) airports.