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29 October 2009

New Videos from's Site

The newest videos from include two military crashes and one dramatic incident at sea.

B-52 Crash from 1994
The first is a dramatic crash of a B-52 at Fairchild Air Force Base in 1994. The article has several dramatic videos and photos from this fatal crash, but the story behind the crash, especially the social dynamics of the USAF unit involved in the crash, is even more interesting.

Helicopter Crash at Sea from 1999
A training exercise can go from routine to tragedy in a matter of seconds, as the video from this USMC crash from 1999 shows. While it looks like survival was unlikely, 11 of the 18 crew members were rescued.

The Chopper Was Wrecked, But All Survive
In this crash, a helicopter managed to hit a hanger and tear itself to pieces, but everyone walked away. This article has the video, as well as links to the NTSB's findings.

Almost a Helicopter Crash at Sea
In this video, reportedly involving a Greenpeace ship, a helicopter comes very close to crashing into the ship's helipad, or into some of the ship's crew members. Remarkably, everyone walked away from this one.

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