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27 September 2009 Starts Online Radio Station at GigaDial

Many of you have listened to one or more of's podcasts, or seen one of the's videos on its YouTube Channel. Now we've combined the two into a sort of custom designed online radio station, the Plane Crash Reports channel, hosted at GigaDial.

GigaDial is a service that allows anyone to put into one place a collection of audio or video files that deal with a particular theme or subject. The shows currently on's channel are some of the most popular shows from the podcast's history. However, the plan is to include other shows from other podcasts or other web sites in this channel, exposing the audience to a variety of viewpoints on aviation safety and security.

That is where the audience can help. We'd like to ask you to do one thing--visit the Plane Crash Reports station at GigaDial and see how well it works for you. We invite you to leave feedback here at the News, including suggestions for adding other shows to this list.

If you see a show, either in a podcast or an audio or video file on a site, please provide that information. We will add that information to the Plane Crash Reports station.

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