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13 November 2009

New crash videos and more stories of questionable airline customer service

Latest Crashes from
The two most recent crash videos are both from 2009. The first is of a very closeup view of a float plane that crashed just after takeoff from a lake in Anchorage, AK. The photographer had to duck, and was barely missed by the plane.

The second features a landing that appears to be a normal landing of a Piper Aztec on Saint Barthélemy island in the Caribbean. Things don't end well as the aircraft goes beyond the runway and ends up partially in the water.

Featured Complaints from
Since the site's launch earlier this week, several other noteworthy airline complaints were added.

One woman on a flight from San Antonio who exhibited flu-like symptoms was very stressed out by her experience, which included medical treatment in the terminal, a late arrival, and uncompensated costs from missing a connection. Also interesting was the current guidance that the Centers for Disease Control has given to passengers and airlines about the threat from the H1N1 virus (swine flu).

A passenger on a flight from Mexico to the US was quite upset by the lack of compensation for costs associated with a late flight. That same passenger would likely be more upset if he knew just how little US airlines are required to provide as a result of flight delays.

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  1. video not available for the one on St. Barth.