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12 November 2009 invites you to add to the Facebook page, submit articles, and contribute to the podcast

If you have been a regular reader of the, have made a habit of visiting, or have checked out some of the audio and video podcasts, then you definitely have an interest in what we try to do with the various related online resouces. We'd like to ask you to take the next step and add to what we have.

Over the years, the most popular source of outside material has been the Complaint System, with many of those complaints forming the foundation of the new site. Several recent changes make it easier than ever to contribute in other ways. Whether it is writing, photography, personal stories, or community building, we have several new options.

Expanding the Facebook Profile
At's updated Facebook page, you can now add post messages, videos, photos, or links on that page. If you are not already registered with Facebook, you must do so to add content.

Add to's Newes Social Network
While Facebook is a household name, there are other social networking resources out there, some of which make it very easy to create a community resource. We are asking you to check out's site at Airline Safety and Plane Crashes - The Social Network of Created using the services of Ning, this site allows anyone to contribute photos, videos, blog posts, and even upcoming events. Like Facebook, you have to register before adding content, but registration is free.

Add to the Podcast
If you have a question or comment for the podcast The Conversation at, you can now easily send it to us by phone. Simply call at 408.905.6295 and record your thoughts in the voice mail system. You can also send an audio file to (MP3 only) and we will consider including it in a future podcast. Although we are looking for short recordings of one minute or less, feel free to forward longer pieces for consideration.

Submit an Article
Feel free to submit an original article for publication on this site, or on one of the other sites. You can write about anything that seems relevant for's audience. For guidance on the length of the article, please read this article on the "Gettysburg Criterion." Origianlly created for email, it also works for blog posts.

We would really like to see articles that include photos, videos (especially on YouTube), or other information to go along with your written submission.

Recommend an Online Resource
If you know of a blog, web site, podcast, YouTube video, or any other online resource that would be of interest to the audience, please send it to us.

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