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17 November 2009

How to Share and Reuse Content for Your Web Site, Blog, or Newsletter

All of the content on and on online resources exist there for the benefit of the traveling public. In order to promote greater public awareness of airline safety and airline travel issues, allows anyone to use most material without limitation. Typical ways that you can reuse the material include web sites, blogs, newsletters, audio or video productions, books, or research reports. Resources
There are a number of online and offline resources where the copyright is owned or controlled by creator Dr. Todd Curtis, or by, LLC. These properties include,,,,,, the Conversation at podcast (including the videos at's YouTube Channel, and the Todd Curtis books Understanding Aviation Safety Data and Parenting and the Internet.

Material That Can Be Used Without Limitation
Facts such as dates, locations of accidents, and other raw data can be freely used without limitation. Also, there are also no limitations on basic ideas that are described in the various online resources, for example the mathematical formulas used to determine fatal event rates.

Crediting the Use of Content
Any written or multimedia content on an resource can be reprinted or reused for non-commercial use in a web site, newsletter, blog, or other publication so long as no substantial changes are made in the text and if credit for the source of the material is included. That credit should state credit and URL is included: Dr. Todd Curtis If you use complete video or audio programs, they already have copyright information included, so no further notification is needed. However, please identify the source if you only reuse a portion of an video or audio program. You can find links to all audio and video files at

Permission for Commercial Use
If you want to use related material for some commercial or for-profit use, please contact for permission.

Limitations on Some Content
The copyrights to some the photographic and video content within an resource are not controlled by If you are unsure of who owns the copyright, either don't use the material or contact for guidance. Please review the disclaimer statement on the web site for other key limitations. This disclaimer statement applies to all material.

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