23 February 2008

ATR Crashes, Kills All 46 on Board, in Venezuela

21 February 2008; Santa Bárbara Airlines ATR 42; near Mérida, Venezuela: The aircraft was on a scheduled domestic flight from Mérida to Caracas, Venezuela. It crashed into a mountain about six miles (10 km) from the airport, at about the 12,000 foot level of the mountain. All 43 passengers and three crew members were killed.

Fatal ATR Events: http://www.airsafe.com/events/models/atr.htm

21 February 2008

Investigation Update #3 for the British Airways 777 Crash of 17 January 2008

This is the third update from AirSafe.com on the ongoing investigation into the accident at London's Heathrow Airport involving a British Airways 777. This update is based on information released by the AAIB on 18 February 2008, and focuses on analyses of the fuel system, the engines, and their associated control systems. You can listen to or watch the podcast at the following links:

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Additional Details About this Accident: http://777.airsafe.org
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14 February 2008

Show Notes Added to the Coversation at AirSafe.com Podcast

The Conversation at AirSafe.com Podcast has added detailed show notes for selected podcasts. The first three shows with notes, which include a transcript, timeline, and links to audio and video versions of the podcasts are for the latest show, "Things You Should Not Bring on Board," and two shows from last month that were first update and second update of the accident investigation for the 17 January 2008 crash of a British Airways 777 at London's Heathrow airport.

The following show notes pages have a synopsis of the show, links to the audio and video versions of each podcast, links to additional resources, the show's timeline, and the show's transcript:

Show #39: Things You Should Not Bring On Board - 13 February 2008

Show #37: Crash of British Airways 777 at Heathrow on 17 January 2008, Update 2 - 25 January 2008

Show #36: Crash of British Airways 777 at Heathrow on 17 January 2008, Update 1 - 23 January 2008

13 February 2008

Podcast: Things You Should Not Take on Board

This show from February 13, 2008 provides an overview of the things passengers should know in order to deal with TSA and airport security with a minimum of hassle. In addition to providing suggestions for checked and carry on baggage, this show also provides a link to numerous other resources on baggage, banned and restricted items, and making complaints about your airline service.

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You can also download the episode directly at http://www.airsafe.com/podcasts/show39_tsa.mp3.

Additional Resources
Baggage and Security Insights and Information

06 February 2008

Interview with Kate Hanni of the Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights

Kate Hanni is one of the founders of the Coalition for Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights. On December 29, 2006, she was a passenger on one of the more than 120 American Airlines flights that were diverted to alternate airports due to weather. Passengers on dozens of those flights were forced to wait on board their aircraft for more than three hours. On Kate Hanni’s flight, the wait was over eight hours, an ordeal that included overstressed toilets, a lack of fresh water and fresh air, and an even greater lack of compassion from the airline.

Kate did far more than just complain about her flight, she and other stranded passengers formed their nonprofit group with the goal of having legislation passed to ensure that this kind of event would not happen again. Her work and the work of her group have been frequently profiled by major news organizations. She’s also testified to the U.S. Congress and to state legislatures around the country.

This interview from February 5, 2008 covers several of the areas of interest of the group, including changing the airline industry's rules on how delayed passengers should be treated. Also discussed was the role that the AirSafe.com audience can play in bringing about these changes.

Coalition for an Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights

Passenger Complaint Resources

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You can also download the episode directly at http://www.airsafe.com/podcasts/show38_paxrights.mp3.