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16 February 2013

Video of webinar on 787 battery fire investigation now available

Dr. Todd Curtis of hosted a 14 February 2013 webinar discussed the January 2013 grounding of the entire 787 fleet after two serious fires on a JAL and ANA 787 involving lithium ion batteries. Dr. Curtis summarized the status of the investigations by the NTSB and JTSB, and explains the process that Boeing and the airlines will go through in order to return the aircraft to service.

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For additional information on the 787 investigation, including links to the ongoing investigation of the NTSB, visit

1 comment:

  1. No fix on the lithium battery problem can justify using such a battery with a history of fires,in an airliner, especially an airliner flying hours from the nearest airport. A UPS 747 has already crashed due to a lithium battery fire with the death of the crew.