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27 February 2013

JetBlue passenger dies during flight

26 February 2013; JetBlue A320; Flight 462, en route Ft. Myers, FL to Boston, MA: Shortly after takeoff from Ft. Myers, Fl, an older male passenger experienced a medical emergency. In spite of efforts by the flight attendants and at least one medical professional, the passenger died of unspecified causes. There were six crew members and 149 passengers on board.
According to, the flight lasted two hours and 24 minutes, departing Ft. Myers 29 minutes late at 5:14 pm, and arriving in Boston five minutes behind schedule at 7:38 pm. The flight was nearly full, with 149 passengers and 150 passenger seats according to
Why this event will not count in safety statistics
This event, while tragic, will likely not count in any official accident and incident statistics of the FAA and NTSB. Typically, only serious injuries or deaths that were somehow connected with an airliner flight are required to be reported. Death by natural causes, which this case appears to be, would not count. takes a similar approach, and events involving only deaths by natural causes are not included in any of the sites listings of events by year, airline, or aircraft model. incudes a category defined as a Significant Event, but this event did not have any of the characteristics associated with a Significant Event. That may change based on the finding of the death investigation. WebinarsTomorrow's Webinar Rescheduled
The live webinar originally scheduled for Thursday February 28, 2013 on how TSA rules affect passengers who fly with one or more sex toys has been rescheduled for Thursday March 28, 2013.
This webinar will discuss TSA rules with respect to what is allowed in checked and carry-on bags, with an emphasis on what sex toys and sex toy accessories are allowed in flight. The webinar will also provide advice on what passengers can do to minimize or eliminate problems with TSA security screening.

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