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18 March 2013

Webinar on how to fly with knives, guns, and other weapons

The recent TSA announcement about changing rules for carrying small knives and other potentially dangerous items in the passenger cabin will allow passengers to keep these items in their carry-on bags for the first time in years. However, it has not changed the rules on how passengers my travel with guns and other weapons, so if you plan on doing so, you should be aware of the TSA rules and how they may affect you.

Dr. Todd Curtis of conducted a webinar on March 21, 2013 in a where he discussed both the recent rule changes for knives and other weapons, as well as the current rules for firearms and ammunition.

This webinar discussed TSA rules with respect to what is allowed in checked and carry-on bags, when it comes to knives and other potential weapons, and how most other weapons, including guns, rifles, and other firearms, can be legally carried with you in checked luggage.

The webinar also provided advice on what passengers can do to minimize or eliminate problems with TSA security screening, and specific steps they can take if they run into problems in spite of following TSA and airline regulations. In addition, the webinar will discuss how laws and customs concerning knives and other weapons may differ when traveling outside of the US.

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