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08 December 2012

Airline complaint site threatened by United Airlines

If you fly long enough, you will experience an airline flight that is far from perfect, so bad that you not only want to complain to the airline, but to also share your experience with the world. While all airlines get complaints, few airlines have had as many complaints as United Airlines. Years before their merger with Continental, a merger which many believe led to a significant drop in the quality and consistency of the customer experience, United was one of the leading airlines for complaints. In fact, there were so many complaints that since 1997, the web site (untied as in shoelaces) has exclusively featured complaints about United.

The site is unusual in that it has been up for over 15 years, and has kept a laser-like focus on the problems at United. The site has been supported almost entirely by the efforts of its creator Jeremy Cooperstock, an engineering professor at McGill University in Montreal, who also has his own story to tell about how United Airlines has treated him. However, the unique resource that Jeremy has created is at risk of being destroyed.

Lawsuits against
Two recent lawsuits allege, among other things, that the site violates the airline's copyright and trademarks because it looks like the United Airlines website. The airline claims that it isn't trying to stop airline complaints from being publicized, but rather that they are trying to protect the airline' customers because they may confuse Coopperstock's site with the airline's site. Jeremy has a different interpretation, that the airline's suit is without merit, and that their goal goal is to put a strain on his time and money and to encourage him to shut down the site.

How to Help
Jeremy has started a legal defense fund for his site at encourages you to donate what you can to help Jeremy keep his site alive. You can also help by visiting and sharing any complaints you may have about United, or their merger partner Continental.

1 comment:

  1. I am so sick and tired of the "look and feel" arguments of large organizations like United/Continental and Apple that I just want to donate to them to get the jackbooted foot off their neck.
    The fact that I have had so many bad experiences with United, just sweetens the deal.