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24 July 2012 Air Launches Traveler Ebook Project

After the positive response to's first ebook, Baggage and Security Guide, we've decided to launch a new series of ebooks aimed at air travelers, and we'd like to ask for your help.

Like the first ebook, this one will be provided without cost to the traveling public, and will provide air travelers with a valuable resource that will help them avoid or manage many of the common problems they face when they fly.

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The Problem
For years, has provided the traveling public with vital information about airline safety, airport security, and other issues that matter to travelers. But because this information is available exclusively online, it is often out of reach just when you need it most...
  • An airline damaged your luggage, and you want to make sure that you ask the right questions and get the right paperwork filled out.
  • The gate agent announces your flight is cancelled, and you need to book an alternate flight quickly.
  • On the way to the airport, you realize you left your driver's license at home, and you need to know what alternative IDs the TSA will accept.
  • A TSA agent is conducting what you think is an inappropriate search, and you don't know how to respond to the situation.
All these situations are covered by, but are not accessible to airline passengers if they can't get online. If passengers had this kind of information in their smartphones or a tablet device, it could be a great help to them.

The Solution plans to take the best of its online information and put it into a series of ebooks that anyone can download for free and keep on hand at all times. A traveler in trouble just turns on a smartphone and all the information he or she needs is available in an instant.

The Project
The goal of the project is to use the insights gained from running to create several ebooks, each of which covers a specific area of common air traveler concerns:
  1. Airline Complaints Do's and Don'ts - Will cover the basic rules and requirements that passengers must follow when they file a complaint against an airline, airport, or government agency.
  2. Travel with Children - Will include many of the common concerns parents face when flying with infants or children, plus key information for parents whose children need to fly alone.
  3. Dealing with common travel issues - This ebook will give very practical advice on how to deal with problems like lost bags, cancelled flights, air rage, and inappropriate behavior by security personnel.
  4. Once all three ebooks are completed, a fourth one containing all the content from the first three ebooks will also be published.

How You Can Help has teamed up with Indiegogo to ask you to support this project. This project seeks to collect $5,000, and all of the money will be used for professional services such as editing and ebook formatting, in order to ensure that the products will work with all popular ebook devices and smartphones, including the Kindle, Nook, iPad, and iPhone.

Your support will help ensure that these ebooks will continue to be offered for free, and will be able to help travelers for years to come.

You can contribute using PayPal or a credit card, and everyone who contributes $1 or more will receive's thanks, as well as other benefits. Please visit for more details.

Find Out More
Visit or check out the video above to find out more about this project and more about the work of

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