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28 April 2012

Rebroadcast of Discovery Channel's 'World's Scariest Plane Landings'

is scheduled to be on The Discovery Channel show 'World's Scariest Plane Landings,' which features creator Dr. Todd Curtis, will be rebroadcast today in the US at 4pm EDT. Times may vary by cable broadcaster and time zone, so check your local listings for times in your area.

Discovery channel promises that the audience will "Experience the most frightening moments in aviation, with incredible footage and first-hand accounts from those who survived - the terrified passengers inside the planes and skilled pilots inside the cockpits."

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  1. Dang, I just keep on missing this show!

  2. This show, World's Scariest Plane Landings is a bunch of BS. The JetBlue at LAX would not have broken up resulting in certain fatalities if the nose gear had broken. The passenger interviewed did not smell burning rubber during the landing roll-out. The irresponsible narration is beyond dramatic license. I am appalled that these shows make it on the air much less get rerun.