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23 April 2012

Dr. Curtis on the Discovery Channel Tonight creator Dr. Todd Curtis is scheduled to be on the Discovery Channel show 'World's Scariest PLane Landings,' which will have its first scheduled broadcast in the US on the evening of April 23, 2012 (check local listings).

Discovery channel promises that the audience will "Experience the most frightening moments in aviation, with incredible footage and first-hand accounts from those who survived - the terrified passengers inside the planes and skilled pilots inside the cockpits."

Perhaps the most frightening moments in the show will be those featuring the comments and analysis of Dr. Curtis. The only way to find out is to watch the show. We would like to get your feedback about it.

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  1. Incredible what I am seen in that photo.
    Every time I travel, and the landing was very bumpy, later I found out, that the pilot, was from
    the airforce and working in the air lines. Those
    pilots are good, and land in a any open field, but with passangers paying for the ticket, is a
    total diferent ball game. I hope I am right in this. I think they should check them all, in this matter, how many years and hours of flying
    they have, I will go to pilots that have years flying, not the military ones. only
    a comment, but I will see Dr. Curtis comments.

  2. For those who missed it last night, Discovery and Discovery HD are running it again on Saturday, April 28th, at 6 PM eastern time.

  3. To a certain audience it was probably enteraining, but for anyone knowledgeable, it was not all that informative. Way over dramatized!