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24 March 2012

A very graphic view of the TSA

The TSA has been a frequent subject of this site, covering issues from the employee screening process to the passenger search policies. Below is an informational graphic created by a team from led by follower Tony Shin. The graphic is based on data from a variety of sources, including media reports and is somewhat critical on the TSA's policies and effectiveness, including claims that although know terrorists have flown on US airlines numerous times since TSA was created, none have ever been stopped from boarding by TSA.

We'd like to know what you think abou the graphic, or what you think about the direction the TSA has taken in recent months, so please feel free to leave comments.

TSA Waste


  1. Excellent Graghics.

    Excellent work.

    Keep it up.

  2. As a frequent flyer with several million miles on United Airlines alone, thousands of flights over the years, the radiation scares me most. I sincerely believe that if the government subjected me to radiation since I started my career in 1972 I would not be here writting this comment.
    I do not believe radiation is harmless, especially for a person like me who travels weekly, this coming week I have 6 flights, subjected to radiation 4 more times. I did write my concerns to the TSA and received a form letter back from a clerk who does not understand the harms of radiation.

  3. Can't argue with their presentation. The TSA is a typical government bureacracy. They grow while everybody else is getting laid off.

    1. Expensive and worthless group of abusive people with very poor judgement.

  4. -the graphic in itself is very interesting and very instructive, but quite difficult to read.
    -the TSA should be discarded (and procedures taken from high security airports like Tel Aviv where scrutiny is very efficient but trouble free for the traveller -of course they use highly qualified and trained personnel not the army of incompetent, untrained and uneducated people we have in the US-).

  5. A nice piece but where does the figure of 7 out of 10 weapons get past TSA scanners, come from?

  6. a pleasure to see that censorship has been used against my comments... America, land of the freedom of speech?

  7. Interesting. Dr. Curtis I was wondering if you saw the latest on TSA where they patted down a young boy in a wheelechair and took swabs of his hands and cast... unbelievable.!

  8. I now keep my life simple. I no longer fly. I am very happy staying where I am and avoiding all of this horriffic behavior.


    200 thefts PER DAY at JFK. I wonder how many per day at all airports.

  10. As an ATP rated jet pilot flying commercially and having a background in law enforcement, investigator, and security, I find that the TSA is ineffective and violative of our most basic human right, and constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of travel, freedom from un-'warrant'ed searches and seizures. Along with the economic collapse and financial distress in the nation and in the people, there is one and only solution.... Fire the TSA and disband Homeland Security.
    Aviation users flying into the country must go direct to the US Customs for clearing in; however, anyone coming in by boat has 24 hours before they must go to US Customs and clear in.
    Everyone knows that the border is as porous as a sieve.
    And like the observer previously noted, the TSA makes great pains to harrass the elderly, the child in a wheel chair and make mothers pump their breast milk or drink their bottled milk all in the name of 'stopping terrorists'.
    So to improve the economy and to restore people's faith and peace of travel in our country, fire the TSA. End this nonsense.

  11. very interesting and comprehensive report.

    Airports Update 2011 - Market Report

    This Key Note Market Report Update examines recent changes in the UK airports market. The global economic downturn and its impact on air travel is still being felt in 2010; the year was the third consecutive year in which the volume of air passengers fell, a phenomenon not previously recorded. Despite falling passenger numbers, the revenue generated by airports is estimated to have increased by 29% since 2006, up to £3.77bn. Aviation revenue is forming an increasingly large share of the market owing to a number of factors, including the rising price of crude oil.

    In an average year, BAA accounts for around 70% of the total turnover in the airports industry; it is for this reason that the Competition Commission has ordered BAA to sell Stansted and one of its Scottish airports (either Glasgow or Edinburgh) to try and even the playing field in the airports market. The Manchester Airport Group has stated an interest in purchasing one or more of these airports — and as such is becoming an increasingly powerful body in the airport industry.

    Airports Update 2011 - Market Report

  12. for all of this we owe a deep gratitude to the muslim terrorists who noow ruin our everyday lives! where is Jack Bauer when we need him??!!

  13. What makes anybody think a private security company would do any better? Look how that worked out in Iraq.