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21 November 2011

Revised Baggage and Security Guide Published

A revised and greatly expanded version of one of's most popular downloads, the Baggage and Security Guide, has just been released. Bringing together some of the most popular content from the network of web sites, podcasts, and published articles, this book provides airline passengers with advice on how to deal with many common problems they may face when it comes to dealing with baggage problems, airport security issues, fear of flying, and travel with children.

Multiple versions available
The original download was available only as a PDF file. The revised version is available as a PDF as well, but also in MOBI format (used on Kindles), and EPUB format (used with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Nook). If you want to use different formats on different devices, please feel to download different versions of this book at You can put different formats on different devices so you can try them out to find out what works best for you.

Download MOBI
Download EPUB
Download PDF

Since 1996, has provided the public with insights and advice about a wide range of airline topics on its web sites, blogs, podcasts, and downloadable documents, and many of the most popular topics are included in this ebook.
This ebook puts a lot of useful information in one convenient place. Combining information from the network of web sites, this book covers the following areas:
  • Things you should not bring on board
  • Advice for checked and carry-on baggage
  • Dealing with lost or delayed luggage
  • Travel with children or pets
  • Security and identification requirements
  • Advice for special travel situations
  • How to complain about your treatment
  • Fear of flying information and solutions

Getting the ebook version of this Guide

Get a Kindle reader for your computer or smartphone
If you don’t have a Kindle, but want to download and use the Kindle version of the Baggage and Security Guide, please visit to find out that describes how to read Kindle books without buying a Kindle.

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