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28 June 2010

Advice for Air Travelers with Diabetes recently added a page with advice for diabetic travelers. Most of the advice is based on information provided US government organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, and encourages travelers to plan ahead to make sure to sure that they have medications and other necessary supplies.

TSA and Medical Exceptions
While medical professionals recommend that travelers with diabetes carry food and snack items on long trips, this may cause problems at the airport as the TSA normally does not allow most liquids and gels in the cabin. As has pointed out in some detail, the TSA allows most medical items in carry-on baggage.

Send Your Suggestions

Please take the time to review the new page for travelers with diabetes and if you see something that we missed, or have stories you'd like to share about problems diabetics have with air travel, please send them in.

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  1. Type 2 diabetic here and I have never had any problem flying with insulin, needles, blood glucose meter and lancets and glucose gel in case of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar episode).

    Just keep it all in a ziploc bag and declare it to the TSA agent prior to getting to the x-ray line and you shouldn't have any problem (I always have the insulin vial in the original carton with my prescription details on it)