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05 January 2012

More Podcasts on YouTube

For over six years, the podcast The Conversation at has brought you a number of interviews, special reports, accident analyses, and other topics of interest to the Community. While some were available as either as downloadable video files or on the channel on YouTube, many of them were only available as audio files.

Classic shows now on video
The audio files have been available from the podcast home page, or with a podcast subscription on iTunes, and starting today some of the classic audio shows will be available on video. The first is a March 2008 show featuring airline pilot and author Patrick Smith. In this show, Patrick, who also writes the column Ask the Pilot, discussed popular misconceptions about airline safety, suggested changes in the role of the TSA, explained why it is difficult to compare airline safety records, and discusses how much (or how little) pilots get paid.

Suggest new shows
If you want to suggest what shows should be turned into videos, please review the past episodes and leave a comment about what show to feature next.

Complete list of podcasts YouTube channel
Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes

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