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09 February 2010

The PBS Frontline Story "Flying Cheap" Airs Tonight

Tonight, the PBS show Frontline will air an airline safety oriented episode, "Flying Cheap," that focuses on the factors that led to the February 2009 crash of a Continental Connection airliner near Buffalo, NY. The flight was operated on behalf of Continental by Colgan Air, a regional carrier that flies routes under contract for US Airways, United and Continental.

This show provides a glimpse into the lives of regional airline pilots through interviews with former Colgan Air pilots. The overall argument of the show is that the rise of regional air carriers has benefited airline passengers by driving down prices, but at the possible cost of increasing safety risks.

Broadcast times will vary, so check out your local broadcast or cable listings. If you dont' have access to PBS, you can also visit this episode's web site out the PBS's web site for this episode. You can see an 11-minute excerpt from the show below:

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