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29 April 2009 Swine Flu Update for 29 April 2009

The first US swine flu fatality was confirmed by the CDC 29 April 2009. The victim was a 23-month old child who was being treated in a Houston area hospital. The CDC also reported that there were 90 other cases of swine flu in the US. Yesterday, the World Health Organization reported that seven countries have officially reported cases of swine influenza (H1N1) infection, including 26 cases and seven deaths in Mexico. The number of confirmed cases and deaths from the CDC and WHO may be very different from the numbers reported by other health authorities or the media. There have been no reports of swine flu infections involving airline passengers.

Swine Flu Risks for Airline Passengers

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For more videos, visit the YouTube channel. Passenger Resources
Centers for Disease Control Swine Flu Information
World Health Organization Swine Flu Information

Discussion of Fatal Bird Flu Outbreak on Airliners in 2003 (5:44)


  1. Wonderful, sounds an awesome way to communicate about the communicable disease.

    thank you!

  2. I have listened and seen the video, the narrative is very good and clear.

    There is only thing that is disturbing, most people on the video wear face masks. This may give the impression that you should wear a mask. The Norwegian health authorities warned against using them, and the CDC ( warns against trusting them. If used incorrectly they actually can increase the probability of contracting the disease. Once they get wet they don't work well, and if you touch them with your fingers, you may actually make yourself more likely to contract the disease. CDC tells people to only use them together with other measures, they don't point out that the masks give only a short time protection so that if you wear a mask, it should be changed frequently.

    The main impression is that the video and audio is informative and sober. It is important not to create any panic. Following your advice and checking the CDC web-site should be sufficient to guard against the spread of the swine-flu.