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27 March 2009

FAA Wrong to Hide Bird Strike Data

As many of you know, is a big proponent of allowing the public to have free and open access to aviation safety data. The FAA has proposed regulatory changes that would restrict some bird strike data from public access. The stated reason is that by keeping the data out of public view, that it would be easier to get airports, airlines, and others to volunteer more data.

While that may seem to be a good reason to the FAA, in my opinion this would be a bad policy change. In the coming public comment period, which ends next month will have quite a bit more to say on the subject. In the meantime, check out the following resources in recent Twitter updates from

In 2007 NASA tried to hide safety data as well. Visit to see my opinion and a podcast on that issue.

How important is a missing piece of bird strike data? Visit and see just one example.

The FAA shouldn't keep bird strike information a secret. I'll say more later, but until then check out

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