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26 April 2008 Offers Free Online Class

Answering questions about aviation risk and aviation safety can be
difficult, especially if you lack time, resources, and organizational
support. The biggest problem is usually a lack of a clear
understanding of the question or the issue that you are trying to

The course "How to Ask an Aviation Safety Question" from
Dr. Todd Curtis of can take most of the mystery out of the
process of transforming a risk or safety issue that isn't clearly defined
into one that makes sense to you. Based on his years of experience
analyzing aviation safety data at Boeing and MIT, this is the same
process he used to develop much of the content in the award winning
web site

Anyone who asks or analyzes questions about risk, safety, reliability,
or policy will probably find this online course both useful and
informative. By the end of this course, you will have in your hands a
tested and systematic process that you can apply to many of the common
safety and risk issues that come your way.

While the online version of this course is normally offered for over
$300, is offering this course for free for a limited time
to the subscribers on the Flight Safety Information newsletter.
Register today at

If that link does not work, you can also visit

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