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04 November 2007

Recent Additions

Recent additions to the site include the following:

Additional Article Resources on
In addition to the free emailed special reports available on the Special Reports page at, has teamed up with to present additional articles. These articles focus on airline safety, airline security, and managing a family's use of the Internet.

Visit the Todd Curtis article archive at,_PhD to view the available articles or to sign up to have new articles automatically delivered to you using an RSS feed.

Three new podcasts featuring interviews of Dr. Todd Curtis by the BBC, MSNBC, and WCCO radio of Minneapolis:

BBC: Abandoned Aircraft in Nigeria

MSNBC: Airborne Disease Risks

WCCO Radio: Airport Security Issues and the TSA

New Crash Videos
The Crash Video Collection at has two additions, a video of a 2003 F-16 crash involving the USAF Thunderbirds, and a video taken by a survivor of an MD82 crash in Thailand in September 2007.

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